9. Time and the Bodhisattva Vow

by Ray Songtree Feb 2, 2012



K wrote:
There is no past.  It is all happening at once.  Don't you get that?

Ray wrote: 
You are mistaken. You also think you have time to relax.  You have fallen to Casteneda's second enemy of a Man seeking Knowledge - Clarity.  Slap yourself awake. You are a Bodhisattva and we have to amp up our effort and not relax. Our Earth Mother is dying.

Time exists because space exists because relativity exists because you aren't me. I'll kick your ass on all this my brother. We will do much together, I am sure. Try to prune down your space/time responsibilities now so we can walk together. Try to simplify.... love, Ray


A Bodhisattva vows to never seek evaporation but instead to perform service forever.  A Bodhisattva renounces any thought of heaven or ascension and serves where ever he or she is.  "This garden is good enough for it has weeds, as every other garden does."
A Bodhisattva does not have 'island fever' and want to get away from this planet or dimension.  A Bodhisattva has no fascination with joy rides or tourism to other galaxies. A Bodhisattva understands that all times and places have relationship, that there is no escape from relationship, and in relationship is friction, opposition, growth and suffering.  The Bodhisattva positions herself or himself as a healer in the eternal relationship of the mind.  The mind is endless, beginningless, infinitely vast, and where ever we may find ourselves we remember one thing, not to grasp self but to give up self, and love.   - Ray Songtree

"Give, give, give"  Neem Karoli Baba.



M wrote:

Ray, Ray, Ray...when are you going to understand you cannot tell people they are wrong to get them to your side? What does this have to do with taking right action? Quantum theory and much ancient knowledge does differ with your perspective.

But again what does time existing or not..(.it does for this 3D reality for we are here saying it does as......it doesn't in the grand scheme of things) have to do with right action?

Ray responded:

The relationship of spiritual students has nothing to do with ego.  K is a very high being. This has nothing to do with getting anyone on my side.  This is purification down to elemental conscience, not consciousness, but conscience.  Conscience isn't pure, it is a big question and the seat of our 'Right Action'. Conscience is what connects us to others.

Please read again what I said.  You are not me.  We are not one.  You are not me.  Quantum speculation never looks at the me.  Ancient knowledge does not differ from what I am saying, and all that was translated by people who rarely have any realization of what they think they are translating.

There is a space in mind where different times can be seen, but they are different times and no one can see all times at once.   The space of "omniscient mind" had been experienced by many, but they all had different views. It is like jumping stones in a stream. You only have two feet....  Relativity still exists, even if you have a realization that relativity can be seen from a far.

The four enemies of a Man seeking knowledge are Fear, Clarity, Power, and finally old age which always wins. Clarity makes us feel like we understand. It is an illusion of the ego that makes us laugh off worries. Clarity has to be fit with a snug halter. (horse, not woman's clothes :)

There is such thing as force.  Jesus didn't ask the money changers to leave temple.  I'm not going to ask either. You have fallen for the New Age psy-op of not being judgmental.  Try to dump it.  Right action is action.  It has force.  It pulls weeds.  If you have never been around a Zen Master, perhaps this is foreign.  Think of Jesus and the money changers....   My role in this life, like many, is to ignite the conscience of the common person to take control and create a Golden Age.  I'm one of thousands and then millions doing this work.  Each has their way...  K is very high being, a contactee among other things.

Chris wrote:

Ray, I think this is how people are feeling now during this special time of the cosmos.

Of course, if time didn't exist, everything would happen at once, but that's not entirely true. There are great micro-cosmic dimensions where time moves very slowly, so slowly it feels like there is no time at all and they don't have the concept of time.

The key for people in this dimension is to accept without seeking.  The Chinese call that wuwei (without intention).

Ray responded:

I love what C noted. I disagree with the Chinese path mentioned. One thing sorely lacking in ancient and modern Han China is the love of Jesus and the real compassion of Buddhism, which did bloom in Tibet. China is going to be a big part of Golden Age when the heart is really awakened there. The people are crying for it.


Anthony wrote:

I have to disagree that mother earth is dying. Mother earth is just fine and will do what she has to do to survive as she has for billions of years. We are merely fleas on her surface and she has allowed us to do what we have for the sake of our own evolution. Mother Earth asks that we do not weep for her but step into our roles as guardians and stewards of this planet and seek our own individual and collective evolution. 

The Earth is more resilient than we could ever imagine. She will cleanse herself in due time and nature will break down all the damage we have done - there is no stopping that. Human civilization may be destroyed but the Earth will continue just fine. A million years of deteriorating our mess is nothing for the Earth who measures time in billions.

If reality is only a hologram, than how is it possible for anything to really be dying. Death is only an illusion.

Ray responded:

We agree.  But the reason Earth will survive is that we are going to stop the chemtrails, the radioactivity, the GMO pollution and Morgellons disease, trawling the ocean bottoms, and bringing roads everywhere.   There is an infection on planet now. Basically the 1%, which has infected us all and is called 'the dominant culture'.  We will survive because we want to. 

It is possible to kill a planet.  The reason ET stepped in and stopped USA and Russian nuke ballistic missiles is because it is possible.  If you haven't studied that, see the Disclosure Project Press Conference 2001.  Censored of course.

Our job is to manifest a Golden Age, and we will, but not by ignoring the infection now killing planet.
The atmosphere itself is being attacked. Think about that. 

We are not fleas.  We are very cosmic and our stewardship is much bigger than this little life we see. Earth is home to many more forms of being then is visible.

It is not "only a hologram".  It is reality.  We can describe it as a hologram, but it is real, because you are real.  Death isn't final, we continue forever, but this body will die.  And it will hurt, and that is okay, but it is real.  And every moment we try not to skin our knees, because it is real!

Big discussion!

thanks for writing.

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