Open Letter on Prayer Invocation

Are We Hearing Our Veterans?

with embedded videos

by Ray Songtree Dec 6, 2011


(This was presented as An open letter to Kauai Island Utility Coop Board Members)

I would like to share with all of you a 9 second event that changed my life about six years ago. It
is reviewed nicely in this 2 minute video.


The implications make us question many things.


Here you will see a Sept 2011 interview with Dick Cheney, 2 minutes
What this means is all the reports, books, movies and ceremonies about flight 93 crashing in Shanksville are make believe.
Please listen to former Vice President Dick Cheney say what really happened.



And here is the suppressed evidence, that indeed, the plane was blown up in air.



So what exactly is the War on Terror based on if someone on the inside was planning controled demolition in NYC on 911? Perhaps we need to listen to our Veterans for a change. The very first page I created on my website was the Veterans Page, We have lost almost 50,000 soldiers to suicide in last ten years.

18 veterans commit suicide each day - ... Apr 22, 2010 – Troubling new data show there are an average of 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans who are receiving some type of treatment from ...

16 US Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day
... Jun 1, 2011 – June 1, 2011. Washington. The startling revelation emerging from last week's Senate Veterans Affairs Committee meeting deserves repeating,

This article discusses the cover up


Last week I met a survivor of the USS Liberty which was ordered by President Johnson to be attacked and sunk off the coast of Gaza in 1967 by the Israeli military. The survivor I spoke with lives in Hawaii and is now 66 and still has shrapnel in his body. In 1964 Johnson ordered a similar action in the Gulf of Tonkin, starting the war in Viet Nam that killed 3 million people.

The USS Liberty survivor agrees with the following historical account of the attack that made him a 100% disability victim. I would like for you to meet him if possible. 5 minute video


This is the real world we live in. The USS Liberty survivor I spoke with is not a conspiracy theorist. He was there. He also witnessed, first hand, the cover up of 911 inside job.

I am sending this to KIUC Board which starts their meeting by asking Jesus to bless our soldiers. There are now 700,000 veterans who will die prematurely from exposure to depleted uranium ammunition. The fate of the land and people of Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan is much more horrible. The hospitals are filled with birth defects. For how many centuries?

The reason the vets are committing suicide is that they find themselves in a mad world of lies. Mature, educated, intelligent men and women like yourselves are kept perfectly clueless about where are tax dollars are going . Most of our federal income tax goes to crimes against humanity.

The vets experienced what you will see in the next two videos, and then are told they are 'heroes'. There is no where to share what they really experienced, because our culture is hypnotized by lies. The vets come back to this myth that they were 'at war to keep us free', as was stated at KIUC board meeting invocation. The disconnect between all the lies and what they really experienced leads to suicide.

I would like everyone to reconsider what we support and what we think is true and who is lying to us. The following article with videos shows us the real price of oil. see story and video on link.


As someone who has met Jesus and his heart, and someone who was changed forever by the first video I shared above, I do not believe it is proper to invoke the name of Jesus to condone what the USA is now doing over seas. I would like everyone to consider the real world we live in, not the world of lies.

The following two videos show the veterans who I feel, Jesus supports. The people who speak the truth. If you care about veterans, please listen to these two men. These men were strong enough to speak instead of kill themselves.




The USA has killed 30 million people since World War II. As many as nine times that number have been wounded.


At this time the only anti war candidate, Ron Paul, is getting most of the campaign donations from active duty soldiers. At minute 7:20 he mentions his active duty soldier support. From PBS Newshour July 20, 2011



Are you curious now? See this link

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