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Actions NOW - write to kauaitruth @ gmail dot com

January 2014

PROTEST unfair wording of opt-fee ballot by KIUC

Here are the pdf's

Petition legal size.... best must be mailed to Box 658, Kilauea, HI 96754 before Jan 29, 2014

Petiton legal size backpage - explanation

or letter size petition

Petition jpg legal size for Facebook

Petition backpage legal size jpg for Facebook

Ray's first full page display ad Garden Island news

Second full page ad

Third full page ad could not afford to run this

Please see the movie Take Back Your Power , excellent and current. (no pun intended :) ) You can rent it at www.takebackyourpower.net for $2.99

This PDF of Court briefing in MAINE, Dec 2013 gives all the excellent arguments why Smart Meters are bad idea in concise expert summary.

See Page 15 of this Federal Court transcript to hear KIUC David Proudfoot's statement about his own character.

Kauaitruth.com is one of four Kauai smart meter and KIUC activism sites. Please see

Safemeterkauai.org and PlanetOasis.Org

and P2PKauai.Org

Recent actions.

First petition in Nov 2013 to question decision by KIUC to charge opt-out fee was sucessful which mandated general ballot, which KIUC misworded and invoked lowest emotions of scape goating to have community be prejudiced against opt-out members. And they spent a lot of money campaigning.

KIUC based argument for charging fees on alleged benefits of Smart Grid, which is unsubstantiated. They called opt-out people, "cost-causers", which is false, as opt-out folks are not taking part in expensive Smart Grid, and not contributing to cause of future liability lawsuits. The budget for meter readers already exists. Opt-out accounts are being harrassed by KIUC to scare people and cause attrition. This is extortion.

Future lawsuits are being planned and if you would like to be a possible plaintiff, please send your name, phone number to.... kauaitruth at gmail.com and you will be added to list for future contact.





Visions for a Morally Clean Kauai

by Ray Songtree Sept 18, 2011

My first action is to challenge the spin coming from KIUC about Smart Grid. Smart Meters will cause sickness on kauai as they have in EVERY other community where they are being used. Please shop for an RF or EMF shield for your cell phone as soon as you can. Reduce wireless devices, and do not let your children handle cell phones or smart phones. Hard wire everything in your house. See EMF page please.

In future campaigns, KauaiTruth.Com (Myself Ray Songtree and friends) will look at the cancer scanners at the airport and the lies and corruption of Homeland Security. To get started, do online search for ‘Homeland Security Lies', ‘TSA abuse', ‘airport scanner safety', ‘fake underwear bomber' and Fox News report on fake underwear bomber. If you know anyone who works for TSA please tell them they are most at risk for the untested and dangerous scanners and will most likely die prematurely because of proximity to these machines. Meanwhile, parents face a tough choice of having their children molested by strangers or irradiated with dangerous machines. Homeland Security is completely corrupt.

We will look at Genetically Modified crops (GMO) on Kauai (See Hawaiiseed.org ) and the danger of GMO to the world as well as danger to our own attempts to grow viable pure food for our families. We will examine the lies and corruption of Monsanto and other bio tech firms and who supports these corporations and why. Whose Side Is the USDA Really On? It's supposed to help organic farmers. See GMO Page. Kudos to activists who recently convinced County Commissioners to join Maui in asking for GMO labeling. Thank you !

93 percent of unborn babies contaminated with GMO toxins, study finds

5/25/2011 - A landmark new study out of Canada exposes yet another lie propagated by the biotechnology industry, this time blowing a hole in the false claim that a certain genetic pesticide used in the cultivation of genetically-modified (GM) crops does not end up in the human body upon consumption. Researchers...

We will examine the corruption in Bishop Estate.We will examine the Kauai Police Department and their long history of supporting and profiting from drug trafficking on Kauai. We will ask our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement to break with Global, Federal, and Corporate corruption and join us in creating a harmonious strong Kauai that can survive the inevitable breakdown of Matson deliveries.

Kauai imports 90% of its food and has only 7 days supply of food on hand. Smooth deliveries by Matson forever is a fantasy. We are facing crisis as global economy slips, and we need a police force of good people. There is no excuse for Meth or Heroin to exist on a small island of 60,000 people if the police were doing their job. Policemen reading this know the truth when they read it. We need the good people to stand up.

"Stop the dope Bra!" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

We will look forward to our 'Majors Bay Surf and Music Festival' as the Barking Sands Missile base inevitably is closed down when USA brings home its 1.5 million personnel from 837 world wide terrorist military bases. If this sounds slanted, please see the Veterans Page and watch some of the videos there, the videos you will never see on TV.

The lies supporting war will be exposed. The Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands Kauai is helping produce and test the Aegis Missile, a first strike weapon, a weapon of aggression. We don't need a military budget in the coming Golden Age. Truth and goodness will prevail over war for profit. See Ask Obama Page


We will examine the irrigation ditches of Kauai and how this will make the old Ahupua'a system, and the modern system of private ownership of land, both moot, and what our future on Kauai might really look like as the present economy based on cheap oil and affordable tourism comes to a close.

As a note, the Ahupua'a system was a feudal warlord system that benefited the slaveowners and terrorists, otherwise known as the Ali'i. The sugar cane irrigation ditches, in my opinion, changes all that and moves us more towards a Balinese model of community, based on water shares from irrigation projects.

Can Ahupua'a system morph to Community Ditch system like Bali?




The only people who want to return to slavery on Kauai are a few descendents of the old Ali'I families, however we are on the brink of a Golden Age as all the corporate and government corruption becomes exposed and forever denounced. We are moving toward goodness based on real education, not backwards to worship of kings/warlords/big businessmen.

In order to create a positive future we must end corruption and work hard for local self sufficiency. It will be work. Stock up now on hand tools. The prices are going up and up.

Big pick-up trucks with big tires won't feed keiki (children). Surf buoy forecasts won't mean much when we are unemployed.

Our values must embrace the aina as our mother, and all of us as her children. This may be difficult for the macho culture of Kauai which is often wrapped up in false pride and alcohol as outlined by IZ in speech above. This weak ego "facade" culture will morph, and in future we will practice a humble strong sacred clean life near the Earth. Why? Because nothing else is sustainable.

By Silver Shield, on September 21st, 2011

We are on the verge a collapse far greater than the Great Depression and we are far less capable of taking care of ourselves. Our way of life is dangerously dependent upon the ability for us to create unlimited amount of debt, and the willingness of others to buy that debt.  This way of life has a mathematically inevitable end and things that cannot go on forever, won't.

I use the word sustainable to mean that which survives. The word "Sustainable" has been co-opted by the UN which uses environmental concerns to justify centralized global control. This is being enacted already on the local level in much of the world, but instead of empowering anything local, the opposite is true. The Sustainabiility programs are pushed to organize local groups under an unseen authority. Their sick plan is to have everyone bow to a global elite 'design' which no one ever voted for. Of course the designers will be on top, as the entire design was and is self serving.

Brezenski, National Security Advisor to President Carter, CFR member and first Director of the Trilateral Commission wrote of a society controlled by a Power Elite in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era :

"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values [like liberty, democracy, family, sacredness]. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

Besides technocratic control of energy and Smart Meters monitoring your life for control over you, there are other important legal globalist agendas effecting Hawaii already which you can read here. We can ask why Hawaiian leglislators would buy into this?

We will live to see a breakdown in garbage collection and a conversion of lawns to sweet potato patches. We will live to see most men with beards as razors won't be available and women will come up with new/old ways to diaper babies and care for moon cycle.

This may seem like doomsday negative talk to some, however, our media has not informed us that the easy to mine minerals and resources have already been taken, and all raw materials will now become only deeper and more difficult to extract. This translates to all resources becoming more expensive without ever leveling off. There will be no plateau as the price will only go up on everything until it becomes too expensive to ship.In this situation where expenses only increase, a growth economy is impossible. As our world economy shrinks, fringe places like isolated islands will simply not able to be serviced and will return to the natural isolation they always had.

This is not negative talk, it is very practical reality. It is not an opinion that every mineral will get more expensive, it is simply how it is. Guaranteed, supplies to all isolated islands and regions world wide will become irregular. The last bus stop will not be serviced. The sooner the reader starts learning to grow food, (And I don't mean lettuce, I mean carbs like taro, potatoes, beans, squash and corn that can keep your family from getting skinny and sick), the more you will have to offer your ohana (extended family) and neighbors.

We will see big changes, and we can do this positively with responsibility, or we can give away our brains and trust the lies of big "leaders" who will promise to ‘protect' us like they have 'protected' the millions of dead and wounded people of Iraq and Libya . (see Obama page)

On Kauai the military will say anything to keep people trusting them, while we can be sure they will form a fortress for themselves if things get hungry and will take what they need if they get hungry. It is my sincere desire that we will peacefully close down the military before a world police state solidifies. I don't know if things will get much much worse, or just worse. I do feel that a certain amount of shock is going to be necessary to wake most people up from their "only today" thinking.

As you can see on Women Who Inspire Page, a rising good will is coming up to meet crisis. Who do you trust? The real people around you or the spin?

In our times it is very important to read the fine print, to read the labels. We can not trust big government, big business or many non-profit foundations which now exist to spread propaganda.

And example of controled media and controlled history is the censored exoneration of James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King. This 30 day trial in 1999 has been completely censored. I offer this as absolute proof of controled media, controled history and societal mind control to hide the truth and the criminals. PBS is part of the propaganda, airing documentaries on innocent James Earl Ray 10 years after he was legally exonerated.

We are not longer protected by government. All regulatory agencies have been comprimised by big business working with military and agendas that are in place, no matter who is President. The FDA, USDA and EPA are the opposite of what they claim to be. So is the CDC. So is WHO. So is UN. All these are part of lie.

The only people we can trust are independent researchers who question the official lies. (See the movie "Inside Job" with Matt Dammon on the Money Page). The documentaries by John Pilger are excellent. Global Research and Voltairnet.com are good independent news sources for international news, and Natural News is great for health issues. Though certainly controversial, Infowars.com keeps the pulse on attacks against the Constitution.

I love the speech by IZ above. I've listened to it scores of times. Everyone is crying because they all knew Iz wouldn't be here much longer and his spirit was so pure and good.

thank you and blessings,

Ray Songtree


Below, "Hele on to Kaua'i" sung by Iz Kamakawiwo'ole



"...to all the Hawaiians and all the Hawaiians at heart."

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

May 20, 1959 - June 26, 1997







1. Smart Meters

Starting in Autumn 2011, I, Ray Songtree, began educating community of Kauai about dangers and origins of the global smart grid and Smart Meters. This led to a federal action that gave one man, Adam Asquith protection, but KIUC, our local electric utility figured that until forced to give protection to everyone else, they would impose smart meters anyway. KIUC has corporate culture that they are a military controller of island, that all decisions are made behind closed doors ( with stage show of public meetings) in a top/down no questions asked regime. This is because when KIUC bought out Kauai Electric, someone made a lot of money at our expense. Secrecy accompanies crime. So secrecy, as mandated by Counsel David Proudfoot is what controls Kauai, and not a tranparent Coop. I thus began the Kauai Transparency Initiative, and KIUC immediately stole the word initiative for their propaganda.

The so called "Coop", is what their literature tells us we are a part of, is pure mind control propaganda in order to pat their own backs and pad their own wallets with our money. It is thievery with a smiley face. Why did former Board Chairman Phil Tacbian announce at Filipino Chambers Jan 28, 2013 that "Our sister co-op in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, is all 100 percent electrified."

Why was to gain popularity and how was with your money. Since posting this, and inquiries by others about KIUC contributions to Philippine Cultural Center, the web has been scrubbed of information about this. See this open letter to Brother Tacbian.

A Coop is supposed to have a foundation of member participation, but this is only "an aspiration" ( as spoken by David Proudfood, KIUC Counsel, who knows all about the Kauai Electric buy out).

Mark Naea of StopKIUC.Com (not active now) took up the fight and education about Smart Meter dangers from myself. He went to PUC with appeal and was stonewalled. At this time, we are starting to put together ideas for an electro-sensitivity hotline for victims. If you have testimony, we need to know. Go to www.safemeterkauai.org

Thanks to Shosanah and Neal Chantara for organizing a continuing education about smart meter dangers on Kauai.

The movie Take Back Your Power is very good and current. You can rent it at www.takebackyourpower.net for $2.99

To learn more about Smart Meters on Kauai which I gathered, go to EMF Page, this link, however it is better to watch film above, as there is more recent info on film.

If you would like to join mailing list, write to kauaitruth @ gmail dot com.

2. Jan 16, 2013 KauaiTruth helped promote the Vandana Shiva Jan 17 GMO - Free event with this display ad in Garden Island News. People are hurting on West Side with pesticide poisoning from GMO fields. Please visit Hawaiiseed.org



If you do not have a garden yet , perhaps you should!

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Hawaii




Living on the last bus stop.


“Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates.”

- Dr. Vandana Shiva

"Both Wall Street and Washington are trying to do something impossible: grow human consumption forever in a world of limited energy, minerals, water, topsoil, and biodiversity, all while protecting and expanding the riches of the top one percent."

-Richard Heinberg

Review of Book "Peak Everything"

Written by Author Richard Heinberg

from RELOCALIZING VERMONT Review submitted by Carl Etnier on Tue, 10/23/2007

Richard Heinberg 's new book, Peak Everything , is subtitled Waking Up to the Century of Declines. The emphasis is on “Waking Up,” rather than the details of the resource peaks and declines. It is a collection of loosely related essays, many previously published, on how basic realities of life will change as fossil fuel supplies dwindle.

One basic reality is that the fossil fuel-powered tools that we use for just about everything we do, from food production to heating to transportation to communication, will become obsolete in a “techno-collapse.” Another is that available fossil fuels will be insufficient to support an industrial food system in which less than 2% of the US population farms. Heinberg even addresses the aesthetics of the post-hydrocarbon age, which he believes are likely to resemble those of the Arts and Crafts movement, characterized by the book and fabric designs of William Morris and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Heinberg's introduction is a nod to what I expected from the title Peak Everything, a technical rundown of the availability and projected or historical year of peak for many more resources than oil: e.g., uranium (2035), fresh water availability (1999), grain production per capita (1985), and marine fish catches (1995).* Even in that introduction, however, he stays with our individual and psychological needs. Heinberg notes many “resources” which need not peak and decline in the 21st century: e.g., community, personal autonomy, intergenerational solidarity, leisure time, happiness, and beauty of what we build.

The organizing principle for the book is clearly stated (and italicized) in the introduction: “our central survival task for the decades ahead, as individuals and as a species, must be to make a transition away from the use of fossil fuels—and to do this as peacefully, equitably, and intelligently as possible.” When I interviewed Heinberg for WGDR , he acknowledged that the transition away from fossil fuels will happen regardless of what we do.

I suggested that people who know nothing about energy can teach Nonviolent Communication or work for a more equitable tax code, and he agreed that there are many ways to work to make the transition peaceful, equitable, and intelligent.. “There are so many areas in which this is going to come down to specific behavior change that it would be impossible to even begin listing them all. Of course, a really important one is food production: changing our way of producing and processing and distributing food and eating food from the current industrial model to a post-industrial model that doesn't use fossil fuels. And there are lots of organic farmers, permaculturalists and so on who are already well along the way to doing this and really showing how it can be done. But we're going to need millions more people doing the same thing in order to produce enough food through this more localized, labor-intensive, knowledge-intensive way.”

He means about 48 million more people, in this country alone. One of the essays in Peak Everything that sticks with me the most is “Fifty Million Farmers,” in which Heinberg grapples with the multiple challenges facing US agriculture. (A version of the essay is available on Heinberg's web site .) The coming fossil fuel shortages leave food production especially vulnerable. We can cut out trips to Disney World or Italy with little pain, and we can carpool or take the public transit to work or work from home with (sometimes) improvements in the quality of our lives. But when 350 gallons of oil equivalent is used in feeding each person in the US annually, fuel shortages may also mean food shortages, and food shortages mean pain.

In addition to fuel shortages, other challenges facing US agriculture include the increasing scarcity of fresh water for irrigation and the increased droughts, floods, and storms of a changing climate.

Heinberg turns to Cuba for one example of how a nation has responded to a drop-off in oil supplies. At the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba lost its cheap oil imports, and the basis for the fuel- and chemical intensive agriculture practiced on the island disappeared. With a combination of land reform that put more people working their own land, increasing the number of farmers, a more vegetarian diet, and urban farming and gardening, Cuba came through the hardships of what they call the “special period.” True, the average Cuban lost 20 pounds, but overall health actually improved. (Contrary to advice it would have received from the International Monetary Fund or World Bank, Cuba increased rather than decreased its investment in health care facilities during the economic downturn.)

World War II-era Victory Gardens in the US are another source of inspiration for Heinberg. They were also born of a time of fuel shortages; the movement was so successful that for a while, 40% of vegetables eaten in the US were coming from private gardens.

The key to these successes in food production despite adversity, Heinberg argues, was that more people were farming. Smaller farms are more productive per acre than larger farms, and more people working means less need for tractor fuel or chemical inputs. In Cuba, 15-25% of the population now farms. In the US before the age of petro-agriculture, in 1900, 40% of the population farmed. From those numbers, Heinberg estimates that one in six of us in the US, or 50 million people, will need to farm. At Vermont's scale, that's 100,000 farmers.

What it means to be a farmer will change, of course. They will be more like the David Zuckermans and other small farmers you can meet in Vermont farmers' markets every week than the California owners of 10,000 almond trees or 3,000 dairy cows who provide so much of the food today.

Somehow, for me, the vision of a United States with 50 million farmers is a much clearer, more profound example of a successful response to declining oil availability than other potential changes: more trains and bicycles, better insulated buildings, unheated bedrooms, etc. I can see the landscape and people transformed, maybe because I know so many gardeners and small farmers.

In Peak Everything, Richard Heinberg writes about a potentially gloomy future, and he manages to see the possibilities for improvement, or at least survival, where others might only get depressed. Not only that, Heinberg asks what needs to be done to achieve the improvements he envisions, and he lays out both concrete policy steps and guiding principles. He also recommends and even exemplifies habits of thinking that are likely to make it easier to weather a century of declines.

At the beginning of my interview with Heinberg, when I asked him just to talk while I adjusted the sound levels, he said he was looking at a news web page with the story of a woman in New York who found a python in her toilet. We both laughed at the absurdity of editors who thought this was an important story for us to be talking about. Let's hope we see more news coverage of the issues Heinberg raises in Peak Everything and less about toilet-bound snakes.

* The peak years are from graphs and are not precise.

The complete interview with Richard Heinberg, in which he also talks about why community radio stations are important for a successful transition to peak oil, is available for download in the Audio section of the Vermont Peak Oil Network website.

The blog Relocalizing Vermont focuses on relocalizing the Vermont economy in a time of energy constraints brought on by peak oil and other factors. To " relocalize " is to return to local production of food, energy, and goods.





Plant the Hills Kauai

Plant the Hills Kauai is a hiking/permaculture club. On monthly hikes we can plant the ridges with coconut, avocado and other food trees, with the idea that a hundred years from now, the fruit that rolls down the hill and sprouted will create a forest of abundance.

If you would like to join this effort contact

kauaitruth @ gmail.com


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